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Academic Program

The KITECH Micro Joining Center operates various student researcher programs. We welcome students aspiring to pursue related degree programs and engage in cutting-edge research in the field of advanced packaging, connecting academia with industrial practices.
(Please refer to the recruitment announcements and guidelines on the KITECH-School website and UST website.)
A program for obtaining master’s and doctoral degrees that utilizes the educational curriculum of partner universities and the research infrastructure of the KITECH. This program aims to cultivate advanced research professionals with a focus on on-site research.
A degree acquisition program offered by the University of Science and Technology (UST), specializing in Convergence Manufacturing Systems Engineering (Industrial Materials/Smart Manufacturing Engineering) for master’s and doctoral degrees.

Research Position

Openings exist for outstanding individuals with a Ph.D. degree in advanced packaging research.
Undergraduate students/graduates interested in the field of advanced packaging research are welcome to participate in our internship program.

Academic Program

한국생산기술연구원 마이크로 조이닝센터는 다양한 학생연구원제도를 운영 중에 있습니다. 산업 현장 연결 첨단 패키징 분야 연구를 수행하고, 관련 학위 과정을 희망하는 학생들을 환영합니다.
(채용 공고 및 안내는 KITECH-School 홈페이지UST 홈페이지를  참조하세요.)

학·연협동과정  석·박사학위과정 제도

협약대학의 교육과정과 한국생산기술연구원의 연구인프라를 활용한 석·박사학위 취득 과정으로,

현장연구중심의 고급 연구 인력 양성을 위한 제도

UST-KITECH School 석·박사학위과정 제도

University of Science and Technology(UST)

융합제조시스템공학전공(산업소재/스마트제조공학) 석·박사학위 취득 제도

Research Position

포스트닥터 연구원

첨단 패키징 연구 분야에 관심있는 박사 학위자

현장실습생 제도

첨단 패키징 연구 분야에 관심있는 학부과정 학생/졸업자